Series x

Series X is an ongoing project created out of my obsession with ink and paper and my curiosity with intuition. Each one represents a unique moment of emotional self reflection.

Sexy Man

In Pursuit of Pleasure

Run Away

Social Anxiety

Written on the day of creating this image:

" I've been doing a daily meditation every morning with my drawings where I dig inside and vomit out what ever feeling I have. I work on it as much or as little I like. This drawing I felt like adding colour which I don't do often but it felt like the only way I could accentuate my sense of social anxiety. Although I may come across confident I don't really feel that way inside most of the time, especially in a new place. Drawing seems to give me a sense of stability after hours of wandering aimlessly through the streets trying to process all this new information."

Little Boy

Blood Moon Otter & Rooster


The blood moon otherwise known as a super moon  is a total lunar eclipse  and last occurred on September 28, 2015. It was a beautiful astral event that conjured a great deal of magic amongst my community and within my own spirit. In celebration and commemoration of this lunar eclipse event, i decided to us the energy present on that day to create two images representing the meeting of male and female energy in creature form.  This type of lunar eclipse happens only once every 300 years or more.

The river otter represents fluid, playful female energy and is drawn with the moon above it's head symbolizing a woman's connection to the moon's cycle

The rooster represents a stoic, assertive male energy.