New works up at Our Town Cafe- Vancouver

Hello vancouver!

I just arrived in town a little over a month ago and have been hustlin' hard to get some quality work out for you all to take a look at. I got lucky enough to score a great spot to show my work right in the heart of the new mural district near Broadway and Main St at a beautiful cute cafe called Our Town.  It's located at 254 E Broadway and I'd recommend you paying them a visit  for all of you who love a down to to earth, chilled out home-y spot to relax and regroup to take on the day.

Big thanks to Dexter, the owner of this cafe, who's been so nice to me through the process of getting this show organized.

Original drawing and framed prints from my new collection  are available for really affordable prices. Don't miss out.

" How often do you take a moment to feel a sensation, to look at your surroundings,  to connect with a stranger or connect with yourself?

These drawings are a collection of my emotions, observations,  and experiences created in the midst of a confusing and busy life in Vancouver.

I enjoy watching and learning about human behaviour and how feelings manifest in the body. The more time I take to  slow down , look listen and feel into my experience, the richer my life becomes.

I want to disrupt the mainstream conversation about beauty and prove that humans and beautiful in all forms. I believe that being vulnerable and raw is the purest, most valuable form of beauty.

I am a Montreal born Artist dedicated to paper, ink and anything raw. I am currently living in Vancouver. "