Animal Spirit

Animals can add a sense of vulnerability to an environment and conjure a range of emotions in those who see them. They can act as messengers for free expression and as a reminder to people that they too have the ability and permission to be  who they need to be in any given moment. 

This mural series is an ongoing project that creates  emotional landmarks with the purpose of creating spacial and individual  self-awareness. Each animal is chosen based on a variety of factors including the environment surrounding the wall, my emotional state and any relevant story or message that I believe would help connect people to the environment. 

River Otter


The river otter represents  fluid, playful female energy and offers  acceptance, confidence and healing. This mural was created at the 2015 edition of The Field Gathering in Winlaw British Columbia. All the materials used to create this mural were found on the farm. 

White Buffalo


The white buffalo is a symbol of abundance and manifestation. I painted this mural in Victoria British Columbia in the Fall of 2014, days after I completed my first San Pedro medicine ceremony. The story of the sacred white buffalo was told during the ceremony and had a big impact on me. The intention of this work was to create personal strength within myself through the big changes I was making at the time. 


Out of nowhere Is somewhere

Barn Swallow


This mural was created in honour of the the family of barn swallows that live in this bus and is also a dedication and prayer for all the tree planters who do one of the hardest jobs in the world . This bus is located in a barren part of  Prince George B.C. where my tree planting camp was set up for the final part of our season. 

Tree planting is an intense job where you have to create a sense of comfort out of anything you have available . You have to live in a tent for 2-3 months, away from friends, family and any sense of civilization. You work 10 or more hours a day and struggle to stay sane as the weather and lack of sleep slowly wears you down. It's a challenge but out of that comes some really beautiful moments and amazing growth. The barn swallows living in this old broken down bus was a perfect metaphor for me and what I was experiencing in the moment. "Out of nowhere is somewhere" was a mantra created to accentuate the lesson that anywhere, no matter how desolate or far way from home it may be, can be somewhere special and magical. 

The location of this camp is over 2 hours away from any town so it took me a week to coordinate getting paint to be able to create this piece. If you're ever up for an adventure to see this in person, it's located at Kilometer 156.5 on the Kluskus logging road in Prince George British Colombia. Good luck finding it. Ha!

Photo of me while tree planting

Sue and the tree frog

Northern Pacific Tree Frog


This mural is a depiction of Sue Earl and the spirit of her deceased husband John  Wilcox. John founded the farm in 1990 and was a powerful activist and community member on Salt Spring Island and built the house that Sue and her family still live in today.  I worked as a farm hand for 3 month  from August to November 2014 and got to experience first hand the beauty and magic that Sue and John created on the land. 

Sue's connection to the earth and her farm is a beautiful thing. She has shared with me her knowledge of how to grow food as well as amazing stories about her conversations and interactions with nature.
After her husband John passed away his spirit made itself present on many occasions. One night while sleeping on her hay-bail bed outside, a tree frog leapt on to her face waking her up. She thought nothing of it until it did it again and again four more times. She awoke and knew that it was John contacting her. Only he would think of something so annoying and hilarious to do to her. 
Here they are around the corner from each other on the trailer I slept in. They can't see one another in physical form but know that one another are there. The images of sun and the moon represent the eternal connection that day has to night and symbolizes the love that these two have for one another.  The house that the frog is carrying is the one that John built by hand over 25 years ago that Sue and her family still live in to this day.
I feel honoured to have worked on Duck Creek Farm and in the same soil as John. Thank you to Sue and her family for housing me and deepening my connection to the earth, stars and water. I am grateful in ways I can't describe
More info about the John and farm

Mural for Montreal Cyclists



This mural was created leading up to the Montreal Bike Week with support of  the Montreal Bike Coalition in 2013 and was painted in collaboration with Roadsworth

My contribution to this mural  is a flock of colourful birds accompanying the row of cyclists that Roadsworth painted. The birds are being followed by an explosion of shapes, colours and textures and are propelling the cyclists forward. The birds symbolize the connection that cyclists have to feeling free on their bikes in the city and the intense use of colour was intentionally  done because the wall had been completely white for several years and the neighbourhood was in need of some new vibrant energy. 


Birds and Frog


"Growth" is the biggest mural I've completed to date and was done in collaboration with a community member who lived around the corner from this wall and was tired of seeing it solid white. 

This building was a chemical plant making paints for driveways and street painting. It felt important to me to bring nature in the neighbourhood in an intense way and to counteract the energies associated to chemical manufacturing. This walk way was also being used by a lot of students coming home from school and It was important to add inspiration to their time coming home. 

Two years after this mural was completed, the building was torn down and condominuims are now here in it's place.



I painted this deer in my office to bring a soft reflective vibe to an otherwise hectic and busy environment.