Abstract Geometry

My abstract geometry work is an exploration into intuition. I use the  space that I'm presented with and create shapes from a place of non-judgement. These images come most naturally to me and I enjoy the surprising process that comes with each piece. Nothing is sketched out before hand and each piece is completed in as short amount of time possible. 

Garage Door

Toronto 2013

Community Lane Way Project 

Condominium Commission

Montreal 2012

Private commission

Energy to an ignored space

Montreal 2013

This alleyway was known for being a rough part of town and I was commissioned to bring life and explosive energy into the area. 

Under Pressure Graffiti festival

Montreal 2011


Urban Geometry

Public interventions 2007

Newell Furniture

Private commission- 2013

Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 3.15.18 PM.png

Psychic City Art Space

Montreal 2012

Photos by Seb Morin


Private comissions

Abstract Face