WHo am I?

Cam Novak a.k.a. Open Mind is an artist, social activist and story teller interested in spiritual exploration through the use of visual art and public engagement. He is driven by his desire to better understand himself and create projects and images that are socially relevant and can contribute to creating more happiness and self awareness in the world.

His  images are created from a state of connection to the countless varieties of emotions that can be manifested though different experiences.   His work attempts to capture these emotions,  experience them and create powerful, honest imagery. He is inspired by the madness, the inconsistency and at times the irrationality  of human emotions and experience. He believes in the rawness of being human and does not agree with the pursuit of perfection. Attempting to be perfect to is to strive for something that is nothing more than an attempt to conform within a system that has not accepted humans for being the animals they are. Flaws, imperfections and messiness are  the truest forms of reality of life.

He is currently living in Vancouver British Colombia .

combamu (at) gmail.com


Photo by Nitrography